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2009-08-29 09:10 am

23 March 2006

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These are the last pictures taken of her. I believe that El took these...basically because she was just so adorable and a little cranky with us for interrupting her nap.
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2009-08-29 09:15 am

Best Friends

Yes, that is actually Foxy's paw around Xanthe. And she did it on her own

Foxy's best friend was her kitten, Xanthe. With her paw around Xanthe and a smile on her face, you can tell how much she loved Xanthe. And Xan loved Fox just as much.
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2009-08-29 09:30 am

Foxy <3 Stella

This picture makes me laugh...and I'd forgotten about it until El showed it to me.


Click on it to get the full effect...*LOL*