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In July 2004, we brought home the most adorable boxer puppy...and we named her Foxy-Mae.

Foxy went everywhere with us and had the ability to make anyone and everyone who met her fall in love with her.

In October 2005, she had a grand mal seizure while playing with her friends at the dog park. She had a lot of tests that ruled out epilepsy. But, she did have a cold at the time...and the doctors thought that she could've just been running and playing so hard that she couldn't get enough oxygen and passed out, going into a seizure.

She seemed fine after that and didn't have any more seizures...we kept a very close eye on her.

On 24 March 2006, we took her to the park after work. She was running and playing with all of her friends. I looked over at her just as she laid down...I called her, but she didn't get back up. I called to my girlfriend and said "Foxy's down!"

Everyone rushed over with us...we did all of the life saving procedures that we could, but she was gone. The doctors say that she was probably gone before she hit the ground.

We were devastated, as you can imagine.

We didn't have an autopsy done but we believe that it was possibly an aneurysm that could've been caused by the seizure she had a few months earlier.

She was 22 months old. She loved chasing birds...and at about 11 o'clock on the night she died, we heard the sound of birds in the backyard. The sound that they make when something's chasing them.

I'll always believe that it was her just having a little fun in the backyard one last time.


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